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Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease is more suitable for traditional Chinese medicine gynecology

Woman’s life will always encounter this kind of problems, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease … … these diseases disrupt your life, you think of traditional Chinese medicine it? The traditional Chinese medicine is more suitable for gynecological diseases.

First, irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is the menstrual cycle, blood, blood, the quality and other aspects of the normal range of a symptom that appears, showing early menstruation, delayed menstruation, menstruation are not allowed, such as menorrhagia or too little.

Key words: menstruation

Chinese medicine treatment of irregular menstruation, menstrual cycle and bleeding are the main changes, with periods of color, texture, and systemic symptoms, from cold, hot, virtual, real Differential Treatment of four aspects, efficacy was satisfactory.

[Irregular menstruation type]

Early menstruation: 1, blood heat 2, Qi-type

The late period: 1, blood deficiency type 2, type 3 in cold blood, and qi stagnation

Have irregular menstrual

Our approach: kidney, or kidney

Menstruation for conditioning blood, kidney, spleen Fu, Shugan the differences, the principle of conditioning blood. Patients who in the gas, when the rule-based gas, combined with nourishing blood; disease in blood recipients, places of blood-based governance, combined with gas fill the footpath. “After all the water out of the kidney”, so in the kidney of the menstruation.

In addition, to distinguish between first menstruation and when the disease after disease. Because of irregular menstruation and the sick, the first menstruation; due to other diseases caused by irregular menstruation, it should be the first treatment. And proper care in peacetime and at different times and different menstrual age.

Second, habitual abortion

Less than 28 weeks of pregnancy, natural birth the fetus is not viable for 3 times or more, Chinese medicine called “Habitual Abortion.” For the lack of blood or a kidney weakness, Chong and Ren is not solid, fetal loss has raised Erzhi. Abortion or miscarriage, 3 or more consecutive persons, known as “skidding”, modern medicine referred to as “habitual abortion.”

Key words: skidding

The most common causes of this disease is not sufficient maternal congenital or acquired damage; or the parent body of congenital and acquired causes that male sperm is not strong; or for both men and women are inadequate, Inbreeding, on fetal development. After living there due to inadvertent pregnancy, sexual or love go rather improper adjustment, a little labor would cause those who slip fall.


Where a continuous natural abortion or miscarriage more than three times can be diagnosed as skidding. Skidding of the clinical course can be expressed as fetal spotting, disturbed fetal movement also began to leave the already difficult for the abortion or miscarriage. Some people even every month of pregnancy to a certain slide is the natural fall.


(1) pay attention to rest, increase nutrition, banned sex, vitamin B, C, E and so on.

(2) insufficient luteal progesterone prevent miscarriage application as soon as possible, treatment continued until Monday, 9 10 weeks of pregnancy.

(3) should be the end of pregnancy, uterine malformation treatment before the first surgery, one year after birth.

(4) relaxation of the cervix inside the mouth, should be the end of pregnancy in the mouth of relaxation before the repair of cervix. If pregnancy has been the best 12 weeks of pregnancy to 20 Zhou Xingzi intrauterine mouth suture. Full-term pregnancy in labor to have threatened or intended to house production for sex selection, and then suture.

[Prevention and Health]

Skidding before pregnancy should be carried out without conditioning. If irregular menstruation those at the head menstruation; Ruoyin Erzhi skidding who for other reasons, the head pregnancy after treatment; if pregnant, should actively be miscarriage. Note that, easy to miscarriage pregnant women should not be too close, the time of pregnancy for at least two more than one year apart.