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How about application of Yin-Yang theory in TCM

1, Yin-Yang and the structure of the body

When explicating the structure of the body, the theory of Yin-Yang holds that the body is an organic whole. Furthermore, all organic structures are closely related and divided into two mutually opposite parts of Yin and Yang.

2, Yin-Yang and the physiological functions of the body

TCM also uses the theory of Yin-Yang to summarize and explain the body’s physiological functions, claiming that the normal life activity of the human body is an outcome of the relation of Yin and Yang in their unity of opposites.

3, Yin-Yang and pathological changes in the body

The theory of Yin and Yang indicates that the onset of a disease is the outcome of a relative imbalance between Yin and Yang with a consequent excess of deficiency of one or the other.

4, The application of Yin-Yang in diagnosis of disease

The essential cause of onset and development of a disease lies in a relative imbalance between Yin and Yang. Thus in all diseases, no matter how changeable or intricate their clinical manifestations, they all come under the two categories of a “Yin syndrome” or a “Yang syndrome.”

5, The application of Yin-Yang in treatment of disease

Since an excess or deficiency of Yin or Yang is the essential cause for onset and development of disease, regulating Yin and Yang to restore its relative balance is the guiding principle in treatment.