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Massage is a unique non-iatric natural therapeutics and physiotherapy of China. With a long history, it is called “A Patriarchal Medical Skill” by some scholars and is a key component of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Massage refers to the skill that the doctor uses hands to press the patient’s specific positions with various strength and techniques to help the patient to regain energy and cure the disease. The skill of curing illness through massage originated from Luoyang, in Henan Province of China, which was recorded in the Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor. Silk books and bamboo slips excavated from the Han Tomb at Mawangdui had record about massage, Dao Yin (energy transfer) and Tu Na (breathing technique), which reveal that the medical skill of massage had been adopted in clinical treatment in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods. According to the Records of the Historian, Bian Que, a famous doctor of the Qin Dynasty, once healed the strange illness for the prince of Feng Country through the medical skill of massage. Sun Simiao, a famous medical scholar, gave a high praise to massage, and he mentioned in the work “Essential Recipes worth a Thousand Gold” that “if you make massage three times every day, one month latter, any illnesses will be removed from you, and you can run as fast as a horse. This is the way of healthcare”.

The medical skill Massage is integrated with the Yin-yang theory of traditional medicine, the theory on viscera and internal organs of the body, the theory on pulsations and points, and the modern medicine on dissection and physiology and pathology. It has a profound cultural and scientific value.

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