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Foreign athletes highly praise acupuncture and cupping


Foreigners see traditional Chinese medical science as ancient and mysterious. The Guangzhou Asian Games organizers have established a traditional Chinese medical science clinic for athletes and coaches at the Asian Games Town. The fantastic acupuncture and cupping therapies attracted many curious athletes.

The clinic has received a total of more than 600 foreign athletes since it was opened more than 20 days ago, according to the Department of Medical Clinics at the Athlete Village of the Asian Games Town on Nov. 16.

According to sources, the medical clinic was officially opened on Oct. 25 and is operated by Guangzhou Medical University. A total of 273 medical volunteers from various hospitals directly under Guangzhou Medical University have served a total of nearly 2,000 Chinese and foreign athletes so far, including more than 600 foreign athletes.

Statistics from the Department of Medical Clinics show that foreign athletes have visited the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy the most. At present, a total of more than 300 foreign athletes have gone to the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, and half of them have volunteered to try acupuncture therapy. Tong Juan, deputy director of the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy under the Asian Games Department of Medical Clinics, said that in addition to having their curiosity satisfied, the main purpose for foreign athletes to receive acupuncture therapy is that they hope to ease their aches and cure their sickness and wounds such as chronic pain and acute injuries through therapeutic methods with Chinese characteristics. Generally speaking, it is easier for athletes from Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea to accept acupuncture therapy, especially athletes who participate in swimming, cricket and weight-lifting competitions.Many athletes felt better after receiving the physical therapy and praised that acupuncture therapy is indeed effective.

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