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Delicious Medicated Chinese Food Can Improve Health

Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, has been highly regarded by medical practitioners, around the world, for centuries.
Medicated Chinese foods, based on the principles of TCM, are the result of Chinese medical science. As it is relatively easy to cook medicated foods at home, the special and delicious medicine is quite popular, especially among women. Medicated Chinese foods, widely promoted by nutritionists, are believed to help people improve their health.
The Principles
Seemingly inspired by the old Chinese saying "people regard food as their prime want," Chinese people, since ancient times, have been developing medicated food into a dietary source of health care.
In keeping with the principle that a diet should be prepared scientifically, medicated Chinese food — with Chinese herbs and seasonings — is carefully prepared rather than simply combining food and garnishes. Without losing its deliciousness, the food provides various medicinal benefits, such as improving health, prolonging life and helping to prevent and cure diseases.
Traditional Chinese medical science stresses that a person should eat medicated foods that both suit his/her constitution and will help cure his/her malady. One should also choose foods that are appropriate for his/her illness. To prevent sunstroke, for example, he/she should eat cold foods, such as wax gourds, bitter gourds and mung beans; or to cure a stomachache caused by cold, he/she should use eat foods, such as fennels and cinnamon.
Most traditional Chinese medicines taste bitter and, as a result, many people, especially children, have an aversion to them. A medicated diet is a good solution for those people who hate taking the medicines. With careful preparation and cooking, even Chinese herbs will be transformed into tasty medicated foods.
Given the characteristics of the raw materials, and especially the methods used to produce them, medicated diets fall under the following categories: Rice- and wheat-based foods, such as steamed bread, noodles and wonton; cooked foods, such as cold, fried or stewed dishes; porridge and semi-fluid foods, made from basic raw materials such as rice, wheat and beans, added to other ingredients, such as Chinese wolfberries and hawthorns; and cakes, such as fuling. The medicated foods can include soups, drinks, tea and candied fruits.
Some Recipes
For a Sound Sleep
●Lotus-seed Tea
Ingredients: 30 lotus seeds and a little salt.
Directions: Decoct the seeds in water and add a little salt. Drink each night before sleep.
Effects: It strengthens the heart and relaxes the nerves.
●Walnut and Sesame Pills
Ingredients: 50g of walnut kernels, 30g of sesame, and 80g of mulberry leaves.
Directions: Grind the ingredients into pills. Each pill should weigh three grams. Take three pills twice a day.
Effects: The pills will cure insomnia and improve memory.
●Water with Honey
Ingredients: One liang (50 grams) of honey and a cup of warm water.
Directions: Mix the honey with the cup of warm water. Drink it before sleep.
Effects: It helps one sleep.
For Beauty
●Banana-oatmeal Porridge
Ingredients: Five bananas, skim milk, 300g of oatmeal, and 100g of raisins.
Directions: Stew the ingredients. Eat each morning.
Effects: It moistens the skin and reduces wrinkles.
●Temella-cherry Custard
Ingredients: 50g of tremellas, 30g of cherries, sweet-scented osmanthus and crystal sugar.
Directions: Stew the crystal sugar until it melts, add the tremellas and stew for 10 minutes. Add the cherries and osmanthus and continue to stew until boiling.
Effects: It nourishes the blood and whitens and softens the skin.
For Better Health
● Tea of Cassia and Roots of Zhejiang Figworts
Ingredients: 6g of cassia, roots of Zhejiang figworts and tea.
Directions: Mix 6g of cassia, roots of Zhejiang figworts and tea. Simmer.Serve once a day.
Effects: It cleans the liver and brightens the eyes. Women who frequently use a computer should drink this often, to care for their eyes.
●Cakes of Walnut Kernels and Lotus Seeds
Ingredients: Mix 30g of walnut kernels, 20g of lotus seeds, 10g of sesame and Chinese wolfberries and 200g each of corn and potatoes.
Directions: Mix the ingredients with flour and then add brown sugar. Bake for about six minutes.
Effects: Women who frequently stay up late should eat this often, as it helps improve memory.
●Cooked Rice with Dangshen (a kind of traditional Chinese medicine) and Chinese Dates
Ingredients: 5g of dangshen, 10 Chinese dates, 200g glutinous rice and 25g of white sugar.
Directions: Pour some water into an earthenware pot and then add the dangshen and Chinese dates. Decoct for about 30 minutes then remove the dangshen and Chinese dates. Wash the glutinous rice, place in a big bowl with water and steam until the rice is done. Place the cooked rice on a plate and then place the dangshen and Chinese dates on the rice. Add the white sugar to the extract of the dangshen and Chinese dates and decoct it until it becomes concentrated. Pour over the cooked rice.
Effects: The food, which is suitable for any meal, improves the functions of the spleen, stimulates the appetite and nourishes qi. However, people who suffer from lung diseases, due to yin deficiency, should not eat it.
● Spareribs with Kernels of Job's tears and Amomum tsao-ko (a plant whose seeds are used as medicine)
Ingredients: 150g kernels of seeds of Job's tears, 100g of kernels of Amomum tsao-ko, 2,500g of spareribs, 150g of crystal sugar, ginger, onions, sesame oil, gourmet powder, cooking wine and bittern.
Directions: Fry the kernels of seeds of Job's tears and the kernels of Amomum tsao-ko, grind them into pieces and stew. Distil 4,000 milliliters (8 kilograms) of filtrate from it.
Wash and chop the spareribs into pieces and then soak them in the filtrate for 30 minutes. Place in an iron pot, stew over a slow fire until it is 70 percent done. Remove the spareribs to let cool. Add the cooking wine, crystal sugar and salt into the bittern, and stew over a slow fire until it thickens.
Pour the bittern into the pot, stew over a slow fire until it boils, and add the spareribs. Continue to stew until it thickens. Add the sesame oil and apply the bittern evenly to the spareribs.
Effects: The dish nourishes qi, enriches the blood, improves the functions of the liver and kidneys and enhances the sex drive.
Qi is the energy of the body, of the meridians, of food, and of the universe.
Yin is the female principle in Chinese philosophy, which is inactive, dark and negative, and which combines with yang, the male principle, to influence everything in the world.


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