Qualification Certificate of Practitioner

Professional Qualification Certificate





Professional Qualification Certificate(1)

According to Practitioners Law of People’s Republic of China and relevant regulations, by the formal examination, the bearer is approved registration, and is granted the License of Practitioner.

Authorization (Seal):
The Ministry of Health People’s Republic of China

Certification No.: 141140100000443

Issued by : Director(signature):
Taiyuan Municipal Li Wenxue
Health Bureau

Date Issued:Jan. 20th , 2000

Professional Qualification Certificate(2)

Full Name: Xing Yuhong
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: Oct.15th ,1970
Practitioner 199814141140102701
Certificate No.: 015402
Employer: Xi Yu Colliery Hospital Taiyuan City Shanxi Province
Type: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Scope: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Citizen ID: 140102701015402

Record of Registration Changed

Item of Changed: Address: Taiyuan NO.1 Prison Hospital
Date Changed: May 17th, 2006
Issued by: Taiyuan Municipal Health Bureau(seal)

Item of Changed: Address: Xi Yu Community Health Station Wan Bai Lin District Taiyuan City
Date Changed: Aug.10th, 2006
Issued by : Wan Bai Lin District Health Board (seal)

Address:4412 Rae Street,Regina,SK.

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